Women Leading Tech was designed to celebrate the most important women in the tech industry. In 2019, B&T launched the “What are you worth?” research project designed to establish whether there was a gender pay gap in Australia and which industries had the largest gap.

We found that while all genders reported the same level of pay for entry level roles, a pay gap emerged at the first round of promotions. From there on, the gap grew and, at the senior/ C-suite level in tech, the gap was larger than in any other industry.

Women in the industry told us that they face more barriers to both entry and progression in tech. We decided to take action, launching the Women Leading Tech awards to highlight the women at the top of the industry and extend a helping hand to women looking to join.

Since then, the community has grown from an ANZ initiative to a global program and the level of engagement has been remarkable. But that’s not all, the networking and camaraderie among the members has continued to inspire us.

We’ve been blown away by the achievements of those in the community and we want to continue to support and champion all of you in your respective careers.

To further deepen our support for women in the most exciting and critical industry in Australia and beyond, we will be launching a Women Leading Tech publication covering news, providing industry insights, thought leadership, and consistently highlighting the incredible women leading tech throughout the year.

The Women Leading Tech site is the next step in our journey celebrating, promoting, and advocating for women in the most important industry in our present and future.