AppsFlyer & Princess Polly Talk About How Using E-Commerce Correctly Can Secure Results

16-Nov 2022     |     View All Podcasts

E-commerce trends are always the talk of the industry. How are they changing? And what should everyone be doing to keep up? From the latest State of E-Commerce report, AppsFlyer estimated an Ad Spend of $30.51 million in 2021 by Australian app marketers for user acquisitions.

It’s a big conversation, and what better people to talk it through than AppsFlyer’s growth manager Joel Kirk and Princess Polly’s global performance director Kim Zorn.

These two live and breathe e-commerce and have an incredible understanding of tackling the ever-changing landscape. Plus, Princess Polly and AppsFlyer have partnered and are seeing results worth talking about.

The two sat down to talk about it all, from how Princess Polly is finding its feet in the ANZ market to how you create tangible reach. Perhaps most importantly, to discuss how the hell Princess Polly was smart enough to join TikTok in 2019!

These veterans also explored how a global leading attribution leader like AppsFlyer helped Princess Polly grow and see results -, and what comes next? The chat pulls back the curtain on the analytics and gets down to the nitty-gritty.

The conversation is candid and helpful. You actually get to hear two experts unpack the space they both work so well in. It’s the TED talk for the e-commerce space we all need in these very online times.